Mission Statement

Teez4Tots was created as a not-for-profit organization with the sole purpose of gifting used T-shirts and other garments to children whose families have little or no means of providing them.

We believe that a gift as insignificant as a pre-owned T-Shirt can change the world as seen through a needy child’s eyes.


Teez4Tots intends to utilize school systems to gather donations of used T-shirts that will be shipped to organizers in countries where the garments will be properly distributed to needy children.

Our team will collaborate with school officials to create donation drives that allow students to give no longer needed T-shirts and other items of clothing to children in pre-approved countries that their schools select.

In the future, Teez4Tots will also explore other avenues for T-shirt donations, such as corporate and government, once the school programs are in progress.

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